Fundraising with Keedoo App

4 easy steps that will help your school raise money!

1. Enroll your school

Before creating a group, make sure your school has enrolled in a Keedoo Fundraiser. It only takes a minute and someone from our team will contact you to provide a unique School Login code.

2. Create a playdate group

A playdate group helps parents arrange, track and monetize playdates with our Keedoo App. In order to create it, first enter your School Login. Then come up with a name in a form of a #hashtag, for example #diannefeinsteinschool, and lastly create a secret passphrase!

3. Share the group link

After you create a playdate group, we will send you an email with a special link that you can then share with parents in your school or send it to teachers so they can forward it to parents in their class.

4. Get paid

Someone from our team will contact you to figure out what is the best way for you receive payments. We can do any form of payment, whether check, PayPal or direct deposit. Our payments are sent out on a monthly basis and you will receive statistics as well.

Simple Steps for Parents

Download the Keedoo app and sign up

Parents sign up with their phone number and fill in their family profiles. It is easy and their info is 100% safe and protected!
Kiddoyo Playdate App Login

Purchase Keedoo’s Premium subscription

Our Premium package unlocks many awesome Keedoo features, such as verified neighbors and schools groups

Kiddoyo Playdate Premium Subscription

Join a playdate group

Families will be able to see classmates of their kids, connect and invite each other to playdates!
Kiddoyo Playdate Friends and Group

Our promise to you

🔸 Hassle-free setup

🔸 40% of subscription proceeds

🔸 Payments for up to 5 years

🔸 Booking playdates with ease

🔸 Happy parents

🔸 Well-knit classrooms

Create a playdate group for your school today!

Feel free to reach out to your representative at Keedoo with any questions