Keedoo Playdate Ideas

Peculiar playdate ideas and parent's stories

From hilarious scientific experiments you can try with your kiddos and their friends on the next playdate to real stories about “joys” of parenting. Read on!
Keedoo Playdates with Classmates

Playdates with classmates

It took less than two weeks before both older and younger one has started to make friends and inviting their classmates for a playdate at our home.

Keedoo Co-Op Becomes Something

When a co-op becomes something more

Our daughter’s closest friends are the babies she met cooling her heels in daycare. She actually has had stable, long-lasting friendships longer than she has had language to communicate with these friends.

Keedoo To Co Op or Not to Co Op

To co-op, or not to co-op

Now that there are babysitter apps, finding a suitable sitter is as easy as Tinder. But then this perfect sitter never calls back because she’s busy working for 3,000 other mothers.

Keedoo Seize Playdates

Seize the playdates

Ever wonder if airlines seat all families with little kids in the same section of planes so we are the only ones who have to listen to each other’s children rant, rave and lose it?

Keedoo Good Playdates Go Wrong

When good playdates go wrong

So, you have a few play-dates under your belt and feel like a play-date pro. Maybe you even pride yourself on having the coolest play-date house because you have 2 super chill dogs, a cat who could care less and a turtle.

Keedoo Playdating Game

The playdating game

Growing up in the 1970s, also known as the Middle Ages for Children, us kids were instructed after breakfast to ‘Just go play outside’ with whatever kids were wandering our neighborhood until the street lights came on.