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Where can I download Keedoo?

Keedoo is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Who is Keedoo for?

Keedoo is for busy parents and caregivers who want to grow their network of parents with similar interests, hobbies and neighborhoods in order to have joint playdates for their kids and trade playtime when they need a break. Keedoo helps families to save money on babysitters and get some free time while expanding their kids’ playmate circle.

How does Keedoo work?

It’s simple! You create and send out playdate invites in the Keedoo app and earn Play Hours for hosting playdates. You can use your banked Play Hours when you are in need of dropping your kids off at a playdate, or trade them for cash from parents who are in need of Play Hours for their own kids.

Sounds like a babysitting co-op! How does Keedoo differ?

The main difference between Keedoo and a Babysitting Co-Op is that you are not “locked in” to a certain babysitting co-op. On Keedoo your babysitting co-op is as big as you want it to be. You can exchange Play Hours with any family in your own city and other cities too!

How do I set-up a playdate in the app?

It’s easy to set-up a playdate! Just tap on the “envelope” icon next to one or multiple friends on the “Friends” tab and create a playdate invite. Fill in the details, such as date, time, place and whether it is a drop-off playdate or “with parents” and send it to all your guests.

How do you add friends in the app? Are friends the same as a groups?

Friends are individual contacts you add to your friends list and Groups are communities of friends you can add to your network. You can add friends in two ways. First off, all of your contacts that are already using Keedoo, will appear in your friends list. You can join local playdate groups by tapping on the checkbox on the #Groups page. This is accessible when in the Friends tab. A small arrow in the bottom right corner leads you to #Groups. When the #Group name is checked orange this means that all members will appear in your Friends list. Feel free to create your own groups as well. For example you can create a group for your kindergarten class, local playground or a neighborhood group. You do this by entering a term in the search box at the top of the #Group page. Beneath the search box you will see “Create and Join #GroupName.” That’s it!

How do I find families that can watch my kids?

First off, we are pretty certain you already know a lot of families who can watch your kids. You can connect with them on Keedoo to start earning and selling Play Hours. Second, you can meet those families through #Groups. Arrange a couple of playdates where you’ll be present and once you are comfortable with the families you meet you can start creating playdate requests and dropping off your kids.

Is it safe to use Keedoo? Is my information protected?

Your information and data entered in Keedoo are 100% protected. And we don’t expect you to drop off your kids at playdates with families you may not know. So we encourage you to first meet parents and spend some time on playdates with them to establish a connection. Then, once you are comfortable, you can arrange supervised playdates while you go enjoy some time to yourself.

Why should I use Keedoo instead of just texting or Facebooking my contacts?

Coordinating playdates can be challenging and tedious. On Keedoo you simply send a detailed playdate invite to as many guests as you like with just a few taps, includes date, time, location, notes, list of guests and all of their contact information in one simple screen shot.

Is Keedoo free to use?

Keedoo is free to download and free to use! In the future we plan to charge a fee from your transactions on the Keedoo Marketplace. We also plan on introducing monthly and yearly subscriptions (don’t worry, it won’t cost more than a cup of coffee).

What is Keedoo's Marketplace?

The Marketplace will be a section in the Keedoo app where parents can sell Play Hours to other parents. Before we can activate the Marketplace Keedoo needs more activity from users like you. Once we have enough activity we will turn on the Marketplace feature so that you can begin using it to trade your Play Hours for cash!

What are Play Hours?

Keedoo utilizes a pay system of internal tokens called Play Hours that are earned by hosting playdates, spent on having your kids hosted, or traded for real cash.

How do you know how much one Play hour is worth in real money?

The price of one Play Hour is different in each city. It is set as a result from the trading operations by other parents, very much like stocks or currency. As more users join Keedoo this feature will roll out in the Marketplace.

How do I convert my Play Hours to cash?

It’s easy! You choose the Play Hours you want to sell, set the price you want to sell them for and publish your offer. Other parents can find your offer and buy them with just one tap!

Who How is the money being deposited into my bank account?

Keedoo uses a service called Stripe to deposit sold Play Hours, a well-established, independent San Francisco based company that makes online transactions safe and easy. We have no access to your credit card or bank information whatsoever.

If I need to buy Play Hours urgently but no one is selling them what should I do?

That’s not a problem. We can give you a credit of up to 5 bonus Play Hours. Once you use them up our AI system will calculate the price of your Play Hours based on feedback from other parents.

What if I earned Play Hours in different cities and am not using them?

That’s where our Marketplace comes into play! You can sell your banked Play Hours to parents in other cities who will actually be able to use them.