Our Mission

We help parents spend less time, money and energy on creating a better social environment for their kids.

Kiddoyo family - Left to right: Gene, Benjamin, Daniel, Leo, Lana
Left to right: Gene, Benjamin, Daniel, Leo, Lana

Our inspiration

In 2009 Moroz’s family (Gene, Lana and Daniel) moved from the Ukraine to San Francisco. Gene and Lana had their first kid in 2011 and that is when Keedoo’s seed was planted. All of us were raised in an environment where parents told us to “just go and play outside”, so essentially we were having “continuous playdates” all day long (or after school). We instantly felt that in U.S. in modern-day society this phenomenon was sadly disappearing.

Being a parent is a beautiful, thrilling experience but it does come with a few catches and no one tells you about them. Parenting consumes you 24/7. Babysitters are a great way to get some “me time” but they can cost quite a lot. In addition to this, your kids do not get the same kind of experience they do when playing with their peers (there are plenty of articles supporting this claim). The most convenient solution is to ask neighbours for help (preferably with kids of the same age. But how? How do we make sure that the “babysitting” is distributed fairly amongst its members? Well, the obvious source of inspiration is a babysitting co-op.

The babysitting co-op is a brilliant idea, created by a super parent. However, over the years it has developed many flaws that has made them less efficient, namely that the “babysitting” tracking system is very complex, and there are thousands of these co-ops that are not connected into one coherent network. But the most important flaw (that partly caused the “meltdown” of the Capitol Babysitting Coop) is that these co-ops are closed “environments” and their internal “currency” is not “tied” to a real-world currency. Fortunately, we were always quite interested in “marketplace” models. Even more so – our previous company was about building a custom royalty-split platform. We used our knowledge and skills to build a first ever marketplace where parents can BUY and SELL Play Hours, therefore converting their time into money, and vice versa.

Our Team

Gene Moroz

Successful serial entrepreneur and businessman. After his wife was died from cancer he raised his first son Daniel as a single parent. Gene loves coming up with new business ideas. Interested in science, sailing, swimming and yoga.


Ex-model and TV host. Currently Keedoo’s marketer, a photographer, a full-time mom and a master of playdates. Lana came up with Keedoo in order to survive parenthood. Loves art, running marathons, sushi, oysters, hats, cinema and design.


Designer and product person. Studied in the UK prior to moving to California. Daniel’s other passion is next-generation immersive technologies. Daniel is a co-founder of a successful VR/AR studio. Loves his wife Natasha, tennis, great design and cars.

Leo a.k.a. The Batman

A puzzle-solver. Loves eating pasta, playing with Lego, making origami and solving logical puzzles. He also loves running, jumping, and rolling like he is connected to ten 1000V batteries!

Benjamin a.k.a. The Minion

An artist. Asks a lot of questions about colour mixing and drawing. Also loves playing with playdough, reading books about animals, and eating (mostly everything but avocados and sweets have a special place in his heart).