Pierce A Balloon Without It Popping
(or Acupuncture Balloon)

A Peculiar Playdate #8 ∙ Published May 10, 2019
Keedoo Pierce a Balloon Without It Popping - piercing red balloon
Ever wondered how to pierce a balloon without it popping? Well, neither did we. However, we have recently come across this unusual experiment, and it looks like a fascinating one. It is super easy to make and we bet you already have all the things needed for it. Try it out on the next playdate with your kids and their friends!
What you need

Small balloon
Some string to tie the balloon up
Adhesive tape
A few sharp pins

How to make it
Keedoo Pierce a Balloon Without It Popping - Blowing up the balloon
Step 1
Blow the balloon up
Keedoo Pierce a Balloon Without It Popping - sticking adhesive tape to the balloon
Step 2
Stick pieces of tape onto the balloon
Keedoo Pierce a Balloon Without It Popping - putting pin through the adhesive tape on the balloon
Step 3
Pierce those pieces of tape and into the balloon with pins!
What happens
What happens is nothing! Balloon stays inflated and does not pop!
Keedoo Pierce a Balloon Without It Popping - balloon with pin does not pop
Why it happens
Firstly, let’s understand why the balloon DOES pop. The air inside a blown-up balloon stays at a higher pressure than the surroundings. When you pierce it (without adhesive tape), the air is now suddenly allowed to escape. As a result of this, a pressure wave is created which we hear as “a pop”. In our experiment, the balloon does not pop thanks to the sticky adhesive in the tape. When you pierce the balloon, it seals the hole that the pin made and prevents this sudden air escape.

Feathers in exchange for prizes

While working on this playdate idea, our Keedoo Parrot has lost two feathers 😔 Please help us! Collect them by bringing this idea to life with your kids, and we will gratefully exchange them for valuable prizes.
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