Make Your Drawings Float

A Peculiar Playdate #13 ∙ Published May 21, 2019
Make Drawings Float - Start of the experiment
Have you ever wondered how to make your drawings float? And by that, we don’t mean floating a few little drawings your kids made on a piece of paper in a bath. This experiment is about using science to do something peculiar and amusing. Oh, and it is easy too – it only takes 5 minutes!
What you need
  • Dry-erase marker
  • A plate
  • Some water
Make Drawings Float - Things you need - A Dry-Erase marker, plate, water
How to make it
Make Drawings Float - Drawing on the plate with dry-erase marker
Step 1
Draw something on the plate with a dry-erase marker
Make Drawings Float - Pouring water on the plate and drawings
Step 2
Pour some water on the plate
Make Drawings Float - Moving the plate around
Step 3

Wait a little bit and carefully move around the plate

What happens
You’ll see that the drawing literally detaches from the plate and starts to float and move on the surface of the water!
Make Drawings Float - Drawings are moving
Why it happens
First of all, as you know there are different types of markers available. Most common are permanent and dry-erase. This experiment only works with a dry-erase marker. That is because it has two very important qualities. The first one is that the ink it uses has minimal adhesive and the second one is that it is insoluble (it can’t be dissolved in the water). When you pour water on the plate, it dissolves the adhesive and “tears off” your drawing but it the ink itself does not dissolve. This causes your drawing to float!

Feathers in exchange for prizes

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