Balancing Soda Can on Its Edge

A Peculiar Playdate #10 ∙ Published May 10, 2019
Balancing Soda Can on Its Edge - Two soda cans on edge
Balancing soda can is a simple experiment in the sense that it does not require any additional kit. All you need is an actual soda can. Despite that, it takes quite a few tries to master it. This experiment showcases one of the most profound concepts in physics – the center of gravity (or center of mass). It is a winner amongst kids too! Learn together how to do it and impress everyone on the next playdate you attend!
What you need
  • A soda can 🙂
Balancing Soda Can on Its Edge - One soda can laying
How to make it
Balancing Soda Can on Its Edge Step 1 - Drinking soda
Step 1
Take a full can and pour (or drink) just a bit of a liquid out
Balancing Soda Can on Its Edge Step 2 - Placing soda on edge
Step 2
Try placing on its edge 🙂
What happens
As promised – the soda can stays on edge 🙂
Balancing Soda Can on Its Edge - Soda Can Stays on the Edge
Why it happens
It works because there is an balanced amount of liquid that twists the can over and at the same time pulls it back. It is all about finding that center of gravity, which is basically an imaginary vertical line that goes through the can and into the table at a 90 degrees.

Feathers in exchange for prizes

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