An Upside-Down Glass of Water

A Peculiar Playdate #3 ∙ Published Dec 11, 2018

Another classic experiment – an upside down glass of water! We’ve all seen it, but not many parents have actually attempted to make it. That’s because although it sounds easy, it is quite hard to perfect it. That is why we advise you to try it out over a sink first 😉 Once you’ve nailed it, this classic experiment can easily become a highlight for your kids and their friends on your next playdate.

Keedoo Holding Upside Down Water Glass
What you need?
Keedoo Upside Down Glass of Water Kit
  • A piece of cardboard (we used a playing card)
  • A glass of water (we used a small shot glass)
  • How to make it
    Keedoo Pouring Water into the Glass
    Fill in your glass with water
    Keedoo Placing a Playing Card on Top of the Glass Full of Water
    Place your cardboard (or playing card) on top of the glass. The key is not to let any air enter the glass.
    Keedoo Turns the Glass Full of Water Upside Down
    Turn the glass upside down (over a sink)
    Keedoo Holds a Glass Full of Water and Playing Card Upside Down
    Take away a hand that holds the card!
    What happens
    The cardboard stays in place but more importantly – the water stays in the glass!
    Why it happens
    It has to do with our old friend – the air pressure! Outside of the glass, it is higher than the pressure of the water inside. Therefore, the water stays in the glass.

    Feathers in exchange for prizes

    While working on this playdate idea, our Keedoo Parrot has lost two feathers 😔 Please help us! Collect them by bringing this idea to life with your kids, and we will gratefully exchange them for valuable prizes.
    1. Try making an “upside down water glass” experiment
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    4. Nominate two families to do the same
    5. We will contact you to add two feathers to your Keedoo account that you can exchange for prizes in our mobile app
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