Egg in The Bottle:
A Simple Experiment for Your Next Playdate

A Peculiar Playdate #2 ∙ Published Dec 4, 2018

Ah, the good ol’ “Egg in the Bottle” experiment! Almost everyone has learned and made it in school, or at least heard about it. Hence the reason we want to share it here – it’s classic! Kids are always amused by it, but it also has a pretty deep scientific explanation to it. Try this one out on your next playdate!

Keedoo Egg in the Bottle
What you need
Keedoo Egg in the Bottle Experiment Kit
  • A hard-boiled, peeled egg
  • A narrow-necked glass bottle (should be narrower than the egg)
  • A pot holder
  • Some boiling water
  • A drinking straw for getting the egg out
How to make it
Keedoo Pouring Hot Water in Bottle

Pour about 4-6oz of boiling water into the bottle. You may shake it around a bit but be careful – it’s hot!Better if you use pot holder. 

Keedoo Pouring Water out of the Bottle

Pour the water out of the bottle. Again – be careful and use your pot holder. The bottle will be hot.

Keedoo Placing Egg on Top of the Bottle
Finally, carefully place your hard-boiled egg on the opening of the bottle, and wait a few seconds.
What happens
Even though the egg is obviously larger than the neck of the bottle, it will go through it and drop in the bottle.
Keedoo Egg in the Bottle
Keedoo Egg in the Bottle 2
Keedoo Egg in the Bottle 3
How to get the egg out?
Getting it out is actually half the fun. In order to remove it, you need to blow into the bottle for about 15-30 seconds. You can use a drinking straw for that. As a result of you putting more air into the bottle, the air pressure in it increases and pushes the egg back out!
Keedoo Getting the Egg out of the Bottle 1
Keedoo Getting the Egg out of the Bottle 2
Keedoo Getting the Egg out of the Bottle 3
Why it happens
The egg is pushed into the bottle by the pressure of the outside air. But why? Wasn’t the air pressure the same in the bottle? Well, not really. Due to pouring boiling water in and of the bottle, you have created hot steam inside of it. Once the steam has cooled down, it changed into water droplets. These droplets require less space rather than steam. As a result of this, the amount of air pressure in the bottle has reduced, so the egg was easily pushed into the bottle by the “outside environment”.

Feathers in exchange for prizes

While working on this playdate idea, our Keedoo Parrot has lost three feathers 😔 Please help us! Collect them by bringing this idea to life with your kids, and we will gratefully exchange them for valuable prizes.
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