Color Changing Milk Science Experiment

A Peculiar Playdate #5 ∙ Published Dec 25, 2018
Color Changing Milk - Featured Image
A color changing milk – that is almost certainly not something your local supermarket would sell! Although you can find most of the ingredients for it there, and make a color changing milk with your kids at home, or on the next playdate. It is one of those visually pleasing kitchen chemistry things, but we have to warn you – it would be best to avoid drinking the end-result of this experiment and you’ll learn why soon enough!
What you need
  • Milk. It needs to have some fat. Whole or 2% works best.
  • A plate
  • Liquid food coloring. We used red, yellow, green and blue.
  • Cotton wool ball or swab
  • Dishwashing soap
Color Changing Milk - Things You Need for Experiment
How to make it
Color Changing Milk - Keedoo is pouring milk onto plate
Step 1
Pour milk in to the plate and give it a few seconds to settle
Color Changing Milk - Keedoo is pouring food coloring onto a plate
Step 2
Add a few drops of liqud food coloring
Color Changing Milk - Keedoo Puts a Cotton Wool in Liquid Soap
Step 3
Put a little bit of dishwashing soap onto the cotton wool
Color Changing Milk - Keedoo Puts a Cotton Wool on Plate
Step 4
Place a soapy end of cotton wool into the middle of plate and hold it there for 10 seconds!
What happens
Look – a color changing milk! You should see a burst of color coming from the center of the plate.
Color Changing Milk - A Cotton Wool On the Plate 1
Color Changing Milk - A Cotton Wool On the Plate 2
Color Changing Milk - A Cotton Wool On the Plate 3
Why it happens
The secret to a color changing milk experiment is in a way a dishwashing soap interacts with fat contained in the milk. You see, a dish soap has two ends – a hydrophilic (loves water) and a hydrophobic (fears water). The one that likes water dissolves in it but the one that fears it is trying to cling onto the fat globule of the milk. Since fat molecules are susceptible to changes around them, they start to run away in all sorts of directions from the soap molecules. Chaos reigns. Because of it, molecules of the food coloring get pushed around as well and enable us to see an incredible burst of color! Once the dish soap is mixed into the milk, the process stops.

Feathers in exchange for prizes

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