Soap Bubbles:
Making a Foam Snake

A Peculiar Playdate #1 ∙ Published Nov 21, 2018
Soap bubbles! First of all, they are a lot of fun and kids LOVE them. But have you thought of upgrading your regular soap bubbles to a Bubble Snake? In this article we would like to share how you can make a soap bubbles snake machine in a few easy steps together with your kids and their friends at a next playdate. Finally, we will talk about why soap bubbles work.
Keedoo Make a Soap Bubbles Snake
What you need
Keedoo A Photo of All Items needed to make Soap Bubbles and Bubble Snake Machine
  • An old sock or a small cloth
  • A simple plastic bottle
  • Some liquid soap (we used dish soap instead)
  • Water
  • Rubberband
  • Scissors
  • A small bowl/container for soap bubble mix
How to make it
Keedoo Cutting Bottle for Soap Bubbles Snake Machine

Before making soap bubbles, we need to make a foam snake machine! Use a pair of scissors to cut a bottom of a plastic bottle.

Keedoo Measuring Sock and Bottle for Soap Bubbles Snake Machine

First of all, try finding an old sock! If you can’t, use a small piece of cloth instead. Measure it against the piece of bottle that you cut to see if it’s the right length.

Keedoo Cutting Sock for Soap Bubbles Snake Machine
Cut the bit of the sock that you don’t need, so that it fits the bottle.
Keedoo Putting Sock on the Bottle for Soap Bubbles Snake Machine
Slide the sock or a piece of cloth over the open side of the bottle.
Keedoo Putting a Rubber Band on a Bottle for Soap Bubbles Snake Machine
Secure it with a rubberband. That is your “Soap Bubbles Snake Machine”!
Keedoo Putting Water into the Mixing Container for a Soap Bubbles Mixture
Finally, onto the soap bubbles mix. Pour about 1/2 cup of water into the same container.
Keedoo Putting Soap into the Mixing Container for a Soap Bubbles Mixture
Put just a dash of a dish soap into the container, or ask your kids to make one big squeeze of liquid soap!
Keedoo Dipping a Soap Bubbles Snake Machine Into the Soap Mix
Now dip the wrapped end of your Machine into the bubble mix and blow bubbles through the other end!
Keedoo Make a Soap Bubbles Snake 4
Keedoo Make a Soap Bubbles Snake 2
Keedoo Make a Soap Bubbles Snake 1
What happens
When you blow air through your Bubble Snake Machine, you are creating hundreds of small bubbles inside of the sock’s fabric. That happens continuously due to the way the air moves through the fabric, so bubbles attach to each other when they come out of the fabrics. As a result of that, you get a foam snake!
Why it happens
First of all, all fluids have a property called surface tension. It is due to this property a paperclip floats on the surface of the water rather than sinks. Bubbles, on the other hand, are created by trapping air in liquids. Technically, even when you pour the water into your glass, small bubbles are formed, but you can’t see them because they pop very fast because the surface tension is very high at that moment.
Dishwasher fluid, soap, shampoo – they all contain an organic compound called surfactants, or surface-active substances. They lower the surface tension, and as a result of that, you get bubbles which are a lot more stable compared to “normal” water.

Feathers in exchange for prizes

While working on this playdate idea, our Keedoo Parrot has lost two feathers 😔 Please help us! Collect them by bringing this idea to life with your kids, and we will gratefully exchange them for valuable prizes.

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