Keedoo App Wants to Fix Playdates for Families

Now parents don’t need to feel guilty about asking each other to look after their kids

Screenshots of Kiddoyo app showing a list of friends and a playdate schedule

SAN FRANCISCO — February 20, 2018 — After receiving positive feedback from early adopters, Keedoo announces the launch of a public beta of their iOS and Android apps, available for free. Keedoo helps neighborhood families connect, find more playmates for their kids and arrange playdates together. The app utilizes a pay system of internal tokens – Play Hours – earned by hosting playdates, spent on having your kids hosted or traded for real cash.

“Our goal was to create a win-win situation, where parents get more free time, save money on babysitters and kids find local friends,” says Lana Moroz, mother of two and Keedoo’s cofounder. “Studies show that unstructured playtime has a long-lasting positive effect on children’s social development, and helps develop emotional intelligence.”

“We were partially inspired by babysitting co-ops. However, a traditional co-op forces its members to organize playdates in order to earn ‘tokens’. This limits parents who are not able to host as often as others,” says Gene, Lana’s husband and cofounder of Keedoo. “With Keedoo it’s different. If you can’t host, that’s fine, but in order to drop off your kids at the next playdate, you must purchase playdate tokens, so that the hosting family can benefit from selling or using those tokens later”.

“Depending on the activity of users in a certain city, our AI emits playdate tokens for parents,” continues Gene. “This feature may correct the “recession” that plagued the famous Capitol Hill Babysitting co-op in the 1970s. In the future, we plan to use blockchain tech to enable parents to interact directly”.

Core features of Keedoo:

  • Locate new playmates for their kids in the neighborhood
  • Arrange and manage playdate easily with a few taps
  • Earn tokens (Play Hours) by hosting playdates
  • Sell or Buy tokens to other families using real cash


Keedoo is a first-ever marketplace app where parents can connect, arrange playdates and exchange playdate tokens for time or cash. Its mission is to help families spend less time, money and energy on creating a better social environment for kids. Keedoo was founded in 2017 and is fully owned and operated by WaysGo Corp. The project is backed solely by Eugene Moroz.

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